Eating Your Way to Health & Wellness


Chef Nancy, and I welcome new members to our private “Restoring America’s Health” group on Facebook.  We love having people share their experiences, recipes and stories about how they are pursuing better health, reversing disease and having FUN with delicious plant based cuisine. 


We Promote Health & Wellness with delicious and Powerful Whole FOOD.  It is so easy to reverse diabetes 2, heart disease and yes, even cancer.  Nancy and I both have re-gained out health after fully adopting a Plant Based Lifestyle and in our 70’s; healthier NOW than ever before.  Cancer didn’t win, obesity didn’t win, fibromyalgia lost and we are both energetic and trying to advance Health & Wellness.


This is a group where we FOCUS on Plant Based Nutrition and Lifestyle but don’t subscribe or force others to follow any specific regime.  We do try to limit any added oils, processed foods as much as reasonable but won’t yell at you if you do not.  We do restrict recipe postings to Plant Based Ingredients and hope you will avoid ALL GMO ingredients.  In most cases, recipes can be adjusted to reduce/eliminate oils and unwanted ingredients by substitution or selection of healthier options.


I wrote an article for the Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering dealing with the uncertainty in how the ‘experts’ view a plant based lifestyle:


Next Step: Why Go Plant Based?